In with the new!!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for dropping by, I'm Marc from TeamSculp!

2016 has began with sweeping changes for our firm- as you may have seen we opened our new Online Store! Having acquired a new hot wire CNC foam cutting machine last year we have been able to produce many new products including the ever popular Cake Dummies!

Yip you seen it right polystyrene cake dummies- these are used regularly now in the baking industry for multi tiered cakes! We can manufacture these to any shape/size using high density polystyrene. Some like square edges but we can also round or chamfer these to suit clients needs.

3D foam lettering is another area we have seen a huge demand for! In a world filled with branding and advertising we are now able to provide bespoke designs/logos to design professionals and firms seeking to add a new dimension to their advertising!!

An example recently of which we designed and produced two "Bowie" logos in honour of the legend DB- we sent these off to his biggest fan Today FM DJ Ian Dempsey who sent us a nice thank You tweet to his 100k followers! Thanks Ian :)