About Us


For business owners, graphic designers and brand managers Sculp was born of the need to enhance the advertising opportunities for businesses who seek to innovate and relate to the public's visual desires Our company has been built on a solid creative and manufacturing foundation that has mastered various sculptural skills through colourful, gravity defying small and large scale creations that have a huge appeal to the masses. This combined with the most up to date design and manufacturing technology places us as a global industry leader.

We have created a range of 3D branding products, designed, sculpted and finished to industry leading standards by our amazing team of artists and technicians. Our sculptural branding work can be found in many cities across Ireland, the EU and US. Theming displays has enabled us to branch into new markets, delivering a host of larger than life colourful displays to various sectors.

The possibilities are endless, we're excited by challenges and want to give your company/ brand the extra dimension it seeks!

To date we have been successful in securing global contracts and ongoing projects with firms such as Google, Oracle, Coca Cola, Pernod Ricard, PwC, TUI, RTÉ, Largo Foods to name but a few.